Hello Friends, we have been on a debate recently with our friends. Should we go for cycling daily in the evening or get together and play a game of pool on our phones and compete with each other. Recently I brought an idea to people that instead of spending our time cycling we could just play games like 8 ball pool.

The idea behind recommending 8 ball pool is very simple, it is a fantastic game, very popular and whole lot of fun. We all love games that are fun to play and discard boring games, so thus the choice of this game. The idea is simple, we compete with each other and the winner takes the winning money prize. This could be a good way to boost up the morale of all of us when prize money is involved for the winner.

The only thing that will be important is that no body follows some creepy guide to hacking 8 ball pool because a lot of those stuff have been going around here and that would make this competition boring and uninteresting. The concept behind a competition is that everyone competes and not cheats. So a game hacking script in middle of a competition is not warranted. We don’t want to see anyone doing this or we will ban you from our cycling club. You must know that cheating has no purpose in a tournament, it destroys the game and also the ability of a person to think and compete. It makes you boring and useless as something easy is available so you don’t have to put any mind or thought to it. It is an easy way out of a hard thing and that is what takes away the ability of your mind and makes it dull rather sharp.

Please make sure that you understand that this idea is not forever to be implemented and it is only for this coming weekend that the idea has been floated so don’t assume that we will quit cycling for a game ever. Cycling is important for your health as it boosts activity and keeps you healthy and your legs moving. So just for this weekend we are trying out something new.  If you have anything to say then please use the club forum to discuss, we have put up a thread over there for discussion, please go through the things that are mentioned over there and come to us. Let us discuss all the possibilities and make this event a successful one.

If you wish to suggest an alternative, then you are eligible to do that also. We offer everyone in our club a way to suggest their ideas and that is how we have kept this club alive for so long. So please participate and raise your voice if you find something wrong or right.

Cycling or Gaming?

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