Westerley Cycling is a cycling club that is in the West London region. This club organizes races, rides, trips and also training to all the members. The members come from major parts of England and they are also of very diverse types. For example, some members are young and some are old. Some members differ in terms of shape and size and also fitness. Here in this club almost everyone is welcome to join and participate and you will not find any kind of discrimination. If you want to meet the members of the club, go to the hillingdon circuit and you will often find them there organizing races or on a Sunday morning having a fun cycle ride.

Westerley Cycling Club is a friendly club and they help and train any new joining member. You can be rest assured that if you are fully trained and is good, then they will also make you participate in races. Westerley has been around for the longest time and is also one of the large cycling clubs comprising of nearly 100 members. They also boast of the highest activity among other clubs.

All members are free to apply to the club and they will be looked upon without any bias. As a member of the club you are free to enter any club time trials. You will be given free entry to the training sessions and a discounted rate for the club cycling kit. Alongside you also get to read our quarterly magazine that is printed by them. There are three types of memberships – Full which costs 22 pounds, junior which costs just 5 pounds and social one that costs 12 pounds. Remember that a social member can only take part in social 10 races.

All you have to do is to fill an application form over at their website and you can be rest assured that it will reach us in no time. You can also contact them through email, telephone or by meeting them directly. Payments are made via Paypal, link is available at their website.

The latest news is that Hillingdon Series is going on and Event 9 has concluded recently. Thomas Watley had finished the laps in fastest time, hearty congratulations to him.

In the end, take a look at this lovely video about Cycling Motivation:

Westerley Cycling